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  WSBR produces Webpages that are :-   

         * Competitively priced

* Original design

* Eye catching

* Efficient

* Concise

* Relevant

 All this is supported by

Fast and friendly service

If your business has no website

You might as well be a ghost The customers and opportunity pass right through you.

I have over 30 years programming experience.

I have over 45 years of business skills to bring to your web page or website.

I create individual website

No templates - each site unique to your requirements

I will craft  your SEO to make your site ‘visible’ to all search engine.

      Personal and

Professional Service

         is assured !

Contact me now and get your  free quotation for your website  to  ‘grow’ your business -

Contact Details

Phone  021 201 6177

Cell 072 926 9417


I create websites for companies, big and small, organisations, special interest groups and for any business or social event.